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If you've received a hat, as cancer patient or as a donation to our organization, we would love to see you wearing it! Feel free to send in your pictures and your reviews: it's amazing to see our hats out in the world!

Letitia is the recipient of a Megan. She writes: "I was first diagnosed 2004 with bile duct cancer, then lung, breast cancer (was non invasive) and back to bile duct. With all the radiation and chemo, I still consider myself healthy. I try to live each moment to the fullest. My family keeps me positively focused. My daughter, Lei, is my primary caregiver and her 10 year old daughter, Anela, is my secondary caregiver. I found your advertisement postcard in our infusion center and was told that no one really knew about where the postcards came from, much less about Connie Caps. Whenever I use my cap, I get so many compliments and it makes me feel so special. I love my cap so much that I'm want to order the "Anne" but it's not listed on your website. I hope it's still available. Mahalo nui loa (thank you so much). You are an angel from heaven (In Hawaiian: Anelakamahao'onalani). Please send to me more of your ad postcards, so I can distribute them to our infusion center and our local American Cancer Society Office. Again, Mahalo and Aloha!

Barbara is the recipient of a Holly. She writes: "It is absolutely beautiful and it fits perfect! I love it and it isn't hot at all. I can not believe how fast it came. You e-mailed me on saturday and it came on monday. By the way I really appreciate you taking the time to e-mail me to find out what I like and giving me options, like sending me the photos of the yarn and giving me choices. I mean, you could have just thrown the first hat that I chose in bag and been done with it but you didn't. You had concerns and I appreciate you letting me know. Thanks! I know that your concern for others is genuine and I also know that there is nothing but LOVE in every stitch of that hat! Again, THANK YOU for thinking of others."

Rosemary is the recipient of an Allie. She writes: "Thank you so much for the hat. It fits perfectly and I love its soft fluffy look. It's so much more comfortable than a wig or other head coverings. You will be making a lot of people very happy."

Joyce is the recipient of an Allie. Her sister says: "Just a note to say Thank You... I received a cap for my younger sister just in time for Easter..Never underestimate what these caps mean to the people who need them or the personal note that you include. Although you brought a tear to her eye, it was the first good tear in a while.. then she put the cap on and smiled so thank you for that precious moment.."

Suzanne is the the recipient of a Stephanie. She writes: "I got the hat and I love it! Thank you so much for what you are doing."

Fredda is the recipient of a Tenna. She writes: "I love my hat! It's so soft and not only feels great but looks great. Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness in sending these caps. I really appreciated the personal note included from the maker. It takes a special person to be a part of this program. Thanks again."

Donna is the recipient of a Holly. She writes: "A sincere Thank You for the Holly that I ordered. I was quite surprised at how soon it came. The color combination of raspberry, rosebud and pink is great! It sure did bring a smile to my face. Thanks for all you do to help everyone!"

Judy is the recipient of a Melissa. She writes: "The hat was soft and beautiful. However as nice as the hat was the card that was enclosed was more beautiful. What a wonderful way to uplift someone. thank you so very much for your kindness!"

Sheryl is the recipient of an Allie. She writes: "I'm still trying to process the fact I've been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, stage 3. I feel my sister has abandoned me. I am a widow, thank God my son is with me. When he brought my envelope in and I opened it...I couldn't contain myself! So excited with joy!! It brought tears to my eyes! May God Bless You for everything you have done. I started chemo on 6/26/13! The Allie cap is beautiful and makes me feel so good knowing it came from someone as special as you! God Bless~"

Lara is the recipient of an Anne. She writes "I love my Anne cap it is so stylish and a beautiful green color to match my eyes. I had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in November and have been undergoing chemotherapy since then. I will be done in May, which I am greatly looking forward to. Being that I am only 30 years old finding out that I had cancer was a hugh blow to me. I couldn't believe that it happened to me. But cancer does not discriminate. I found ConnieCaps on Instagram and this was during the time my diagnosis was still new to me. Linda sent me the beautiful Anne cap and it really made my day. I realized that there is joy and a lot of love out there. People who are going through cancer and chemo can have a hard time going through everything, but with angels like Connie looking over us we will live to see a brighter day. Thank you Linda, I truly appreciate your kindness!