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Survivor Stories

Below you'll find true stories of courage, hope, and inspiration. If you are a cancer survivor and would like to tell your story, fill out the form below and I'll add it here!

Juliet writes:

I was diagnosed with leukemia A.L.L at age 16 it started with a fever,the doctor checked my blood, once he got the results back he rushed me to the hospital. (Children hospital Los Angeles ) I stared chemo and by the first week the chemo was affecting me harshly. I lost my hair so fast and twice and so I wouldn't get upset my mom would get a piece of tape and clean my pillow before I woke up and got a chance to see my hair. My treatment was extended from 2 years to 3 due to the fact the I got Every side effect from the chemotherapy: my intestines got twisted which meant I needed surgery ,another time it got blocked (it closed ) and I knew that was it for me. I couldn't get a surgery because my platelets and count levels were low! But A surgeon said "we have to try because out here she has 0 chances of surviving but in the surgery room she has 1% " my Mom signad away and i spent my birthday unconscious but recovering,waking up a yeah older with old birthday banners up in my hospital room. Another side effect was numbness on my feet and hands I couldn't dress/feed...etc. myself so i was headed to P.T rehab center another side effect was my body got rashes everywhere when I cried my skin would peel on the spot the tear touched me,I've been through so much but I've also grown and become a better person because of this experience. Add me on Instagram :Julie_will_blossom to see more about my story :)

Alla Peck from West Haven, CT writes:

Back in 1988, Alla felt something in her stomach - it was Columbus Day weekend. She went to the doctor and they found a large tumor. It was biopsied and found to be cancerous. She underwent radiation and chemo and was soon told she was free of the monster. Several months later, she was unable to walk, lost the use of her legs. Another visit to the doctors showed several smaller tumors on her spine, which pressed the nerves that controlled her legs. More chemo was prescribed and she started getting better. Soon after, things got worse, she was taking a laundry list of medications and on August 3rd of 1989, she began bleeding internally and passed out in the bathroom. She was rushed to the hospital and they determined she had an ulcer that had burst. Immediate surgery was the only chance she had of survival - her odds were slim - 5% chance of surviving surgery and if she did, less chance of survival at all. She was in the hospital for about a month and she beat those odds and remains cancer free today!!!

Katie writes:

In 2010 I was a sophomore in college and I had been feeling sick for about a year. By this point it was really bad I could not eat anything I had no energy, very ill. I had been misdiagnosed by several doctors informing me I was fine and maybe had an infectious disease. Turns out it was stage IV Hodgkin lymphoma and I needed to start chemo. While in chemo I saw a business card for Connie caps and fell in love with the hats. I picked my favorite and I wear it to this day. I am very blessed to have been in remission after 6 rounds of chemo and have 1 semester left in college. I love this program it was a very special gift. thank you!

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