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In Memoriam

ConnieCaps is now offering you the opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away, while at the same time making a tax-deductible donation to a good cause. There are three options, so you can select the one that's appropriate for you:

  1. The ConnieCaps Name Wall lists (in alphabetical order by last name) name, date of birth and date of death for a donation of $25
  2. The ConnieCaps Photo Wall has a photo of the loved one with name, date of birth and date of death, and a short text paragraph that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over the photo. Donation for the Photo Wall is $75. (Click to read restrictions)
  3. The ConnieCaps Personal In Memoriam page allows family members to submit information to include on the web page. Submitted information can include up to 5 photos and as much text copy as they want. You can even provide copyright-free music (copy of permission from composer/artist is required.) There will also be comment boxes so that family and friends can leave comments and remembrances. Donation for a Personal In Memoriam page is $125. (Click for additional information)

All memorials will last for as long as ConnieCaps! For more information, feel free to email Linda.

Photo Wall restrictions: Photos submitted must be free of copyright limitations. For example; no Glamour Shots, Olan Mills, or any other professional photos unless you have written permission from the photographer. ConnieCaps will resize photo for web viewing, if not already done.

Personal In Memoriam page information: Same photo restrictions as above apply. Once the page is finished, ConnieCaps will notify donor for approval. If approved, page cannot be changed again without additional $20 donation. ConnieCaps will be responsible for upkeep of the page and will make every attempt to keep it free of spam and abusive comments.