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How it works

For Patients:

The patient can choose one free hat, cowl or a pair of fingerless mitts, which can be seen here. Click the photo to see all the colors available in that item. Once you've found the something you'd like, click that photo to take you to the ordering page. If you do not have a referral card (required in order to receive an item), please let me know in the notes section where you are receiving your treatment so I can contact them to send them some cards. If you came here from Instagram, be sure to put your IG name in the notes section. Once I receive your request, I'll contact you to confirm and we'll get your item to you as soon as possible to wear and enjoy!

If there are no hats, cowl or mitts in the style the patient likes, or none in the color(s) that the patients prefer, they can custom order one. Just click the color swatch to order.

Please note: all items are first come-first served. At this moment I am the only one knitting these item, so depending on how many orders I have it may take several days (or more) to get your order finished. Please be patient with me ;) Because I am knitting solo, please limit one free item per patient.

For Cancer Treatment Centers and Support Groups:

Please go to this page to fill out the online form to register your treatment center or support group and request referral cards and information for your patients. I'll contact you to confirm your request and get the cards out to you asap!